Desk to Dinner

For most of us, taking a few hours to get ready for a romantic night out is just not an option. Basically we need to show our significant others that we are, in fact, superhuman.

With so much emphasis being placed on trends and looking 'instagram' ready at all times it can be quite daunting trying to look your best in a time crunch.

So we've decided to round up a few of our favourite time saving tips that will take you from desk to dinner in a flash!

1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Don't overthink it. No one knows what looks good on your body better than you.

Opt for one or two versatile pieces such a wrap dress.

Add a few sassy accessories, upgrade your practical desk shoes for something a little saucier and trade in your 'holds-the-entire-contents-of-my-life' tote for a chic sling or clutch.

Top Tip: 'Shoes' Wisely - Yes we know those 7 inch heels will make our legs look extra long and oh how those pointed toe courts are super glamorous but let's face it, no one wants to reach that point in the evening where walking/standing no longer becomes an option because:

1. Our feet have now swollen to the point of no return.

2. Balancing on pencil thin stems on uneven surfaces gives you anxiety and immediately gives your date the impression you once belonged in the circus as a master of the high wire act.

3. Physical pain. Ever stepped on a piece of Lego? Well now imagine you are walking on it. With. Every. Single. Step.

Platforms, wedges and block heels are great alternative styles to elongate those legs and still offer absolute comfort.

2. Flirty Finish

A gorgeous manicure always finishes off any look. You wouldn't put on a full face of makeup and not brush your teeth? So why would you put on a cocktail ring or strappy sandles and neglect your precious hands and feet? Our FoxBox Express Nail and Brows bars are running some awesome specials to get those paws and claws looking gorgeous in a pinch. Pop in for some pampering during your lunch break, yes, it really is that quick.

3. Touch Ups

Makeup is very personal. So think about what's most important to you and your needs. What do you want to emphasize most? A small makeup bag with your beauty essentials is a girls' best friend. And no, we aren't going to suggest a full on contour routine. We love the simple versatility of an eye shadow palette that can double up as a brow powder, or how about a beautiful pink lipstick that works fabulously as a cream blush?

4. Get Fresh

Pack these 5 nifty goodies to freshen up. If you read our last blog post, you'd know that the Moroccan Oil dry shampoo is one of our obsessions. This magical stuff is brilliant for reviving hair and adding texture. The body goodies are a no-brainer too. Don't get caught smelling like that egg sandwich you had for lunch or have your body pungently illustrate how you had a mad day at the office running from pillar to post. Wet wipes are super handy to give your arms, underarms and legs a quick wipe down and add a little hydration. Throw on some deo, a spritz or two of your favourite perfume and you've gone from foul to fab.

So now that you have all your pre-game prep laid out, we wanted to leave you with these parting words of wisdom.

At the end of the day, none of the above really matters because the real truth is that...

Happy Valentine's Day

With Love,

The FoxBox Team


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