Back to work like a Boss

It's that time of the year again where we are all feeling those awful post festive season blues. Trading in flip flops and cocktail lunches for heels and meeting requests. Not all of us feel revived and refreshed from the December break and are often left murmuring those hilariously true words "I need a holiday from my holiday".

So in the spirit of fishing out your big girl pants from the back of the cupboard, here are our top tips to make that 'back to work' feeling more bearable.

1. Keep Hydrated

Simple and yet oh-so effective. Not only does drinking enough water assist in maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles but can also help you to lose weight, think better, prevent headaches and stay in a better mood. So drink up, no one likes an office grump.

2. Beauty Sleep

Yes yes, we all know that beauty sleep is super important. But did you know that your pillowcase could benefit your hair and skincare routine? Silk pillowcases have been used by celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian for ages and she swears by this simple bedroom slip to help fight the frizz and wrinkles. Celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin totally agrees and says "silk pillowcases protect hair from breakage, reduce split ends and keep hair shiny. Sleeping on silk can even extend your blowout by a day or two!" And we all know when you look fabulous you feel fabulous! We need one ASAP!

3. Dry Shampoo

A quick boost of Dry Shampoo can hide a multitude of sins and it's a great time saver.

Because this product is essentially an oil-absorbing powder, it can be used to refresh hair after a workout or to boost that 2 day old blow-out, keeping that 'just styled' look. What better way to overcome water restrictions that by switching out that mid-week wash to a quick fix with Dry Shampoo. You can even get tinted Dry Shampoos which are fantastic to camouflage those roots in between trips to the salon. Need some oomph? Try a volulmizing Dry Shampoo after a long flight or between work and evening functions for a quick hair pick-me-up. It's an absolute game changer and who doesn't love a little time saving in their beauty routine.

4. Fresh Nails

Back to work not only means more typing and texting but also the occasional presentation and if you're one of those people that loves to talk with your hands then why not give those hard working fingers some TLC. Whether it be a crisp naked manicure, a bold fun color to remember those vacation days or something a bit more muted, nothing says Boss Lady like a fresh manicure.

5. Exercise

And we don't mean hit the gym twice a day and punish yourself. Find something you love that engages you like a kickboxing class, yoga, a walk around the block with your sister/friend, functional training with your baby or a neighborhood bootcamp. Regular exercise can lead to increased energy levels, a happier mood and better skin,brain and memory health. Not only will your self esteem improve but reduced stress levels will also mean better relaxation and sleep patterns so you can start that working day with a spring in your step.

So kick start the year with a bang!

Wishing you all a happy and fabulous 2018!

The FoxBox Team


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