Summer Hair Care

Summer is here which means; beach days, bikinis and golden tans. The harsh rans of the African sun can make our skin glow, but it can also dry out our luscious locks. Lets face it, we're all trying to achieve the perfect "just got out of the sea look" but our hair doesn't always come to the party and can end up looking dry and in need of some TLC.

Summer 2016 is full of amazing trends and one of them is definitely beachy hair! Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your hair looking fresh.

1. Cover your hair in the sun

The best way to do this is to get yourself a stylish hat that protects your face as well as your hair. Hats are all the rage this summer, so you won't have trouble finding one that suits you. The suns rays can dry out the hair if we leave our pretty little heads exposed for too long, so make sure you protect those roots with one of summers best accessories.

2. Get a trim!

Yes, I know we all love to love long hair but you've got to get those dead ends chopped off to keep your hair looking healthy. Long hair is great but if it starts to look tatty, you're better off getting a few cm's chopped off before the summer months begin.

A little trim never hurt nobody, it simply helps to get rid of the dry, split hairs which ultimately makes your hairs look shiny and healthy.

3. Egg whites to the rescue!

Say What? Truth be told, i thought egg whites were only for the protein / gym lovers but as it turns out they can be a life saver for your beloved strands. Mix 2 egg whites together (you can use more if you have a lot of hair) and pack the mixture onto the hair and leave for 15min. This helps to prevent hair fall and promotes growth.

As gross as it sounds, I'll try anything to make my hair grow!!

4. Pay attention to the ends

In summer the ends of our hair tend to take the most beating, as they split easily. Make sure you pay special attention to the ends of your hair and keep them hydrated. Coconut oil is always a life saver when it comes to making your hair look and feel sleek and healthy. Apply to the ends before you go to sleep and you'll wake up feeling the difference.

5. Beer

Cheers to that! This has got to be my all time favourite hair care tip. A "beer wash" as its called can transform your hair from looking dull and under cared for, to making it super shiny and sleek! You can use any type of beer, simply take the can into the shower and give your hair a little rinse with your boyfriends favourite drink. Your hair will be so shiny, he won't even notice that his drink is gone.

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