Viva the lady

The month of August has got us thinking about all things girly! Staggering changes have come about for women over the past few decades in religion, government, employment and education. These changes have not come about over night but are the result of deliberate action taken by women all over the world. The women who have fought for change and equal rights have been quite the opposite to passive observers but rather have taken a stand and taken deliberate action to achieve the freedom and equality that we enjoy today.

Women's Day is a true celebration of what it means to be a wonder woman! It highlights how we can be both care-takers and business women, moguls and mothers, sensitive but strong. The true beauty in being a women lies not in our exterior, but rather in our amazing ability to wear so many different hats, and boy do we look good in plenty of styles!

We are no longer allowing ourselves to be restricted by the boundaries of gender and are breaking the age-old stereotype that has been attached to women for as long as we can remember. Instead we are walking among strong women who are forging their own paths and making their own unique mark on the world whether it be in business, sport or style. We are breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries in a way that allows us to live a more free and authentic life as women of the world.

Women in leadership continue to inspire us as they prove to the world that you can be both firm but kind, compassionate yet strong. We live in an interesting time where we are called to combine both head and heart, and no one does that better than us ladies!

This August FoxBox has had the privilege of pampering women in celebration of Women's Day! We have met so many new people and have loved being able to bring a touch of polish to all the ladies at work, events as well as at home. We are all about empowering women and make sure that we can be by your side every step of the way as you go from work, to home to play. We love combining luxury and convenience to accommodate the modern women!

To all you lovely ladies out there, thank you for all that you do! You are shining examples that prove that we can have it all, even a mani at the office ;)

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