Mom on the Move

As the age old saying goes “a happy wife, a happy life”. My husband and family certainly keep this saying close to their hearts and are well aware that all it takes is a quick trip to FoxBox to keep me feeling perfectly pampered.

These trips to FoxBox are about more than just pampering, they are good for the body, mind and soul. I l always leave feeling rejuvenated, pampered and ready to take on the world!

As I am a person that loves to have my nails done, I am always noticing other peoples’ hands and nails. It has become something that I subconsciously look out for when I meet someone new and I find that it says a lot about a person. I always notice when a girl is put together and find that I aspire to be one of those women who finds the time to take care of herself amidst the chaotic life that mother’s lead.

In my opinion, your mani says a lot about you and that’s why I always make sure that I have mine done at FoxBox because I know I will always leave feeling Foxy. I swear the Foxers are from Heaven, they are nail angels and always make me feel pampered and special.

Times are tough and I understand why many people view something like going to the spa or salon as unimportant, however, my experience has been quite the opposite. My husband has seen the many benefits from my trips to FoxBox, as I believe that taking care of yourself is essential to your health and success. I know that this is seen as a treat, but I feel like it is the gift that keeps on giving as it positively impacts so many other areas of my life!

The Ladies at FoxBox know just how to spoil my family as well as my friends. When I get to the Fox Dens my mood instantly lifts and I feel like I have no cares in the world.

Truth be told, the Foxers and I have come to the realization that I use my mani’s and pedi’s for the therapeutic value as well as pampering benefits.

Having my nails done at FoxBox is my one indulgence and I truly feel spoilt by the Foxers. It is always money and time well spent when you visit any Fox Den as the Foxers make you feel so special. They are always happy and smiling and up for a chat.

I love sharing my FoxBox moments on instagram and seeing the amazing response from all my followers. The Foxers make it so easy to get the perfect shot of your shiny new mani and pedi. I love the way even the Foxers eyes light up when they see how amazing their work is and how happy their clients are.

I love making new friends at the nail dens and even meeting up with old friends to catch up over some pampering. We always have a great laugh and the best convo’s, I always walk away from their stand feeling amazing! It’s like going to a yoga class and having a decadent milkshake all at the same time. It’s that good!!

The Foxers are magicians and they always make choosing the perfect color so easy for me. They know the colors so well and are like the perfect conductors of the most beautiful symphony. They are always ready to change my look and keep my nails looking fabulous and on trend.

My new baby, Scralett, is a big hit with all the Foxers. Now that she is a bit older, I can take her along with me to my appointments. Everyone is always gushing over her which is adorable, and being the pleasant baby that she is, I know I cant trust the girls who are not busy with a client to keep a watchful eye over her while I have some “mommy time”.

Having my nails done in store is great because its always good to get out of the house and check out what’s new at Woolworths while I enjoy some pampering – all at the same store!! I love that I can get my groceries, kiddies clothes and my nails done all in just one stop. I love how easy and hassle free it is to get some pampering in whilst being a busy mom on the run.

Popping into FoxBox truly is hassle free and definitely comes highly recommended. If like me, you think that doing it all as a mom is possible, make sure you pop into Foxbox, you wont regret it.

The bottom line is, that as a mom you have to have some you time. Whether its going out for a girls night, sleeping late on a Sunday or having a magical mani at FoxBox, you are doing your family a favour As moms, we take care of all those around us, so make sure you take care of yourself too!

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