All Hail the Nail

May 16, 2016




Winter is here and it's got us feeling all warm and cosy inside. We love these winter months as it's never inappropriate to say "bring on the hot chocolate".  


There are definitely pro's and con's to these chillier months and we want to make sure that this winter we hail the nail and keep them looking healthy and fabulous because, lets face it, they're basically the only part of our body that anyone will see for the next 5 months. 




Winter brings with it a new range of amazing hues as we swop out our colourful corals for a more natural nude or girly grey.


It's the perfect accessory to any outfit and always adds a touch of sophistication and glamour. 




Winter's dry air is especially rough on our hands, and they seem to take a real beating during this season. Thankfully, we are here to hold your hand this winter and have compiled a few tips to help you help yourself!


Here are some of the best ways to keep your hands feeling silky smooth and looking fab this season, and yes, this plan is right at your fingertips;) 






     That's right ladies, this is the best news yet! Washing dishes is particularly bad for      our delicate hands and nails as the chemicals dry out our silky soft skin. 


     This is the best excuse to eat out or get the man of the house to do the washing          up. However, if this is not possible, then we would suggest breaking out the                rubber gloves as your first line of protection. 





   Lotion up as often as possible in order to replenish the skin. Opt for a natural              moisturiser  with fewer chemicals as this can also lead to dry skin. When applying      make sure you pay extra special care to your cuticles and give them a little                    massage. 


   This is a sure way to keep your hands feeling soft and smooth this winter. Always        ready for that certain someone to reach out and hold it ;) 





    This goes for all seasons but especially in winter as the air is so dry. Make sue you       keep reaching for good old  H2O. 


   As we are constantly moving between the warm air of the great indoors and the        freezing temps of the outside world, its even more important to replenish the             moisture in our bodies.  







    We are often quite rough on our hands as we do almost every task with them.             Winter is the perfect season to outsource that manual labour (YAY) and make sure     you treat your hands like the lady that you are. 





    The best way to see results on the outside is for you to change what goes on on         the inside. Help strengthen your nails from the inside out by reaching for                     foods that are rich in Vitamin B and protein. 














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