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My first FoxBox experience had me questioning whether or not I would enjoy the salon experience at home as much as I typically did at a normal spa. Man oh man am I happy I gave this amazing service a try!!

The Foxers are SO friendly that after using their services for just over a month, we became fast friends. I have always felt uber comfortable with the highly skilled therapists to the point where I would sit down and tell them to just have fun with my nails! We would all get so carried away each time and believe it or not – every pampering session with the Foxers feels like a DREAM!

When I first started getting my nails done regularly I did not know the difference between gelish this and acrylic that (silly I know) but the amazing Foxers took me into their very capable hands and always made my nails look magical. Their polishes always match my preferences and the incredible colour range makes choosing a little hard, but once I’ve made my mind up I am always so happy with the finished product. Their polishes dry so quickly which is always a huge bonus for a busy mom like me :)

Ok, four weeks ago, I gave birth to my beautiful little princess and second child, and of course I had to go into theater with “naked nails”. One week after returning with my new bundle of joy from the hospital my friends (who know how much I love my mani’s) were like “you look unfoxable” haha. So the first thing I did that week was revive myself with a magical mani and perfect pedi in the comfort of my own home all thanx to FoxBox. These revitalizing treatments made me feel like I could run the comrades!!

Most people work a 9-5 job and consequently find it difficult to even find the time to go and get their nails done as and when it suits their availability but with FoxBox a home visit is never out of the question.

Sure, an all-inclusive at The One & Only or how about an entire day at any 5 Star Spa is always a treat, but we all know that we cant make that happen every time we need to get our nails done! Especially when you have two little ones at home. But just because our lives are hectic, doesn’t mean that we still cant fit our pampering needs in, which is why I LOVE FoxBox so much because they make all of this possible in the comfort f your own home!! Yay! Having my nails done is like taking a trip to Mauritius - away from the world, where I can just let my hair down and relax.

Even if you have more than one child and a doting husband/Super Dad like I do, it is still important to find that “me” time during the post-partum period, right?

Having my treatments done at home is perfect!!! There's no need to pack in a diaper bag or grab the stroller or heaven forbid, I forget one of the other kids ha ha ..... And can you imagine your baby wanting a feed and your toddler running amok whilst you're trying to get your nails done? No thank you!!

Let me set the scene for you:

It’s a Monday morning (a public holiday I might add) and I am sitting peacefully on my couch, all comfortable, when Tatiana pulls up - perfectly on time, and so professional with her very funky table and kit full of the treats which I would so love to own.... I dream of having a FoxBox room in my abode filled with all their amazing colours and polishes to suit my everyday needs *thinking face with a huge smile*

The treatments are blissful and make me feel like a princess over and over again.

Foxbox treatments for Mommies and Dads (at home), are the best everrrrrrrrr and come fully recommended by a mom herself;) !!

The Foxers are a God send.


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